A Servant’s Voyage: Returning Your Life to the True Fitrah

A Servant’s Voyage: Returning Your Life to the True Fitrah
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Organizing Institution: Faith Events
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Start Date: May 21, 2023 (10:00am)
End Date: May 21, 2023 (5:00pm GMT+8)
Cost: RM80 - RM100
Website: https://faithevents.asia/conference/a-servants-voyage/#register
Grand Ballroom, Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC), Shah Alam – ---

In life, we’re constantly on a journey, making our way towards the end point—akhirah.

And like sailors travelling on a ship, along the way, there will be rain, storms, waves, and sometimes even a tsunami. On other days, the sea will be calm, with the sun accompanying you on your journey. There will be ups and downs, and that is the journey of iman.

Rasulullah s.a.w. said,

Turn, you people, in repentance to God, for I turn in repentance to Him a hundred times a day.

(Mishkat al-Masabih)

Repentance will not make you a perfect being, but it will help you find yourself and become a better person than you were yesterday, and that is the true definition of success for the believer. It requires sacrifices and steadfastness and it needs you to be consistent.

How do we find the courage to face our own sins? And standing up tall, not falling back again?

Join Mufti Menk, Dr Muhammad Salah and Shaykh Wael Ibrahim. in The Faith Conference, A Servant’s Voyage: Returning Your Life to the True Fitrah, as we dig deeper into the concept of repentance, to turn to Allah and break free from negative habits.

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