Access to Qur’anic Arabic

Access to Qur’anic Arabic
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Organizing Institution: Ihya College
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Start Date: September 7, 2022 (18:00)
End Date: September 7, 2022 (20:00 BST)
Cost: £10
Clarion Cedar Court Bradford Hotel – Bradford – California – United Kingdom
Understand much of the Qur’an as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Course Name: Access to Qur’anic Arabic

Course Aim: To get students to understand much of what they read in the Qur’an as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The course seeks to do this by providing a graded introduction to the grammar and structure of Qur’anic Arabic and using words that occur very frequently in the Quran.

Note: This course does not teach students how to speak Arabic.

Covering: This course is conveniently divided into 40 study units, with 40 corresponding exercise units.

Teacher: Shaykh Gulrez Shaheen (Graduate of Jamia Al-Karam)

Start Date: 7th September 2022

Duration: 1 Year (40 Weeks – Term Time)

Course Fee: £395

£10 deposit via eventbrite, our administration team will contact you to complete your registration and make arrangements for the remaining fees to be paid.

All fees must be paid in full before the course start date.

Open to: Males and Females

Minimum Age: Girls 9+ & Boys 11+

Entry Requirement: Whilst there are no official entry requirements, student should have previously completed our Islamic Studies Course or similar before studying this course.

Study Requirements: A basic ability in reading Arabic script. A good grasp of English.

Commitment: This is a medium commitment course. Students will be required to complete the relevant unit exercises each week and learn vocabulary from the word lists.

Class Study Time – 2 hours per week

Personal Study Time – 2 hours per week

Course Delivery: On-site

Start Date: Wednesday 7th September 2022

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Location: Rowan Suite, Cedar Court Bradford Hotel, Mayo Avenue, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW

Free Parking

Free Text Book & Work Book (Worth £50)

Free Tea/Coffee

Course Texts:

Access to Qur’anic Arabic – Abdul Wahid Hamid

Text Content Overview:

Word List 1 – Root words including derivatives which occur over 100 times in the Qur’an

Section One – Sentences without verbs

Unit 1 – Nouns, pronouns and adjectives – Masculine

Unit 2 – Nouns, pronouns and adjectives – Feminine

Unit 3 – Nouns and adjectives – indefinite

Unit 4 – Nouns and adjectives – definite

Unit 5 – Nouns and adjectives – number

Unit 6 – Nouns and adjectives – number; separate pronouns

Unit 7 – Attached pronouns

Unit 8 – Prepositions

Unit 9 – Inna and ‘her sisters’

Unit 10 – The Possessive Compound

Section Two – Root Words, Form I Verbs, Past Form

Unit 11 – Root words, root letters and word patterns

Unit 12 – Sentences beginning with a verb

Unit 13 – The Verb: past tense, singular

Unit 14 – The Verb: past tense, dual and plural

Unit 15 – The Verb: past tense, gender

Unit 16 – The Verb: past tense, person

Unit 17 – The Verb: past tense, active and passive

Unit 18 – The past tense of qala

Unit 19 – The past tense of kana

Section Three – From I Verbs, Present Form

Unit 20 – The Verb: the present tense

Unit 21 – The Verb: more on the present tense

Unit 22 – Some irregular verbs; the future

Unit 23 – The Subjunctive

Unit 24 – The Jussive

Unit 25 – The Imperative

Unit 26 – Passive Present

Unit 27 – Present tense of qala

Unit 28 – Present tense of kana

Unit 29 – Active and passive participles

Unit 30 – Words from verbs

Section Four – Derived Forms of the Verb

Unit 31 – Form II verbs

Unit 32 – Form III verbs

Unit 33 – Form IV verbs

Unit 34 – Form V and VI verbs

Unit 35 – Form VII, VIII and IX verbs

Unit 36 – Form X verbs

Section Five – Getting into detail

Unit 37 – More on accusative endings

Unit 38 – Relative pronouns; special words

Unit 39 – More on broken plurals

Unit 40 – Conditional sentences

Word List 2 – Root words including derivatives which occur over 50 – 100 times in the Qur’an

Word List 3 – Root words including derivatives which occur over 25 – 49 times in the Qur’an

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