Annual International Interfaith Conference on Social Justice 2023

Annual International Interfaith Conference on Social Justice 2023
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Organizing Institution: Uganda Muslim Association Of Canada (UMAC)
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Start Date: June 2, 2023 (9:00am)
End Date: June 4, 2023 (4:00pm EDT)
Cost: From $214.33
International Muslims Organization – Etobicoke – California – Canada

The conference focuses on the ways in which diverse religions traditions conceive of and practically respond to the critical issues in the building of a just society.

Human beings have a spirituality and the existence of this is often suppressed in secular organizations. At this conference, we will take a holistic approach to humanity by recognizing the existence and importance of spirituality in people’s lives. At the Annual International Interfaith Conference on Social Justice 2023, we will bring together faith and work “in a reconstructive, dialectical, and holistic fashion”.

Theme: “Intersectional Social Justice”.

Just as faith and spirituality cannot be separated from work, it cannot be separated from community involvement.

Indeed, it is often what motivates individuals to get involved in community change work. Activism is also inspired by relationships formed at houses of worship. “Having close friends at Mosques, churches, synagogues, Temples, discussing religion frequently with your family and friends, and taking part in small groups at these places of worship are extremely powerful predictors of the entire range of generosity, good neighborliness, and civic engagement”.

When multiple beliefs are welcome at work or in community, a new culture may emerge. Groups may “create their own rituals and symbols through the dialogue process to celebrate a ‘third culture’. This new culture “creates an atmosphere of trust that encourages meaningful interaction” and ” gets participants moving toward the process of exploring religious differences as well as political positions”. This culture still recognizes and allows room for differences. While there may be commonly held beliefs or values, they may be interpreted or experienced differently according to “the context and uniqueness of each religious tradition.

At the Annual International Interfaith Conference on Social Justice 2023, coalitions will offer an example of how faith work can be realized. Though many tensions arise when diverse groups are brought together and encouraged to share their distinguishing beliefs, the potential for individual, dyadic, organizational, and social change is paramount. Differences can be bridged through dialogue and focus on a common purpose. The Annual International Interfaith Conference on Social Justice 2023 will gain insight from the experience of interfaith social justice coalitions, which have for decades understood that faith is an integral part of our humanity and that spirituality both motivates and shapes individual beliefs and activities.

The Annual International Interfaith Conference on Social Justice 2023 aims to bring the different religious denominations together. It tries to unite people who share the different faith.

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