Arabic Refresher Part 2

Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Q-Iman
Start Date: December 18, 2021 (11:00)
End Date: December 18, 2021 (14:00 +03)
Cost: £64.20
– California – United States

Q-Iman is proud to introduce the Arabic Refresher Course aimed at students who have previously studied Arabic but wish to learn to brush up on their grammar through application. This course is designed to help students apply their knowledge of Arabic through the study of simple texts; applying grammar, translating, extracting phrases and expressions, building their own compounds and learning to accustom themselves with different styles of writing and reading within the Arabic language.

‚ÄčTo ensure that immersion continuous throughout the programme, aspects of lessons will be taught in Arabic whilst students will be encouraged to ask questions, discuss, and comment in Arabic. Whilst students will benefit from the vast knowledge of Arabic texts, the focus will be engaging with the Arabic element so as to prepare them to be able to go onto advance classes and texts.


Excerpts of texts: comprehension, reading and application of grammar. Extracting expressions and phrases: acclimatising to styles and themes of Arabic Immersion: engaging in conversational Arabic, discussing, and summarising in Arabic


To give students the ability to practice applying Arabic that they have previously and navigate through intermediate to advance texts, with the aid of a dictionary, under the tutelage of their teacher


Students will gain the ability to comfortably begin to navigate through intermediate to advance texts of Arabic; extract expressions and phrases and learn to use them in writing and speaking Arabic; become accustomed to the styles and themes of different forms of writings and disciplines.


Students should have either studied the Arabic Awakened Programme with Q-Iman or equivalent elsewhere. This means that students should be familiar with basic grammar terminology in be able to analyse and construct basic to intermediate sentences in Arabic. Please see the prospectus for the Arabic Awakened Programme on for further details.

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