Become the Ideal Muslimah Module 1

Become the Ideal Muslimah Module 1
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Organizing Institution: Seek 2 Change
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: November 6, 2022 (16:00)
End Date: December 4, 2022 (18:00 GMT)
Cost: £27.54
– California – United States

The first part of a 3 part modular course for Muslimahs who feel overworked, exhausted or simply lost in their daily lives.

Unleash your True Potential so You can Serve Yourself and Others in the Best Way while Maintaining Peace and Contentment.

The first part of a 3 part modular course for Muslimahs who feel overworked, exhausted or simply lost in their daily lives. It’s now time you put yourself first as a Muslim and a woman, because you are the forefront of unity in all your relationships.

Are you constantly juggling tasks? Are you trying to fulfil ALL your relationship ties but it is getting too much? Is your role in your daily life becoming entangled and you no longer grasp your identity? Or have you simply lost yourself because you don’t really know who YOU really are anymore?

Well, you’re not alone. Many Muslim women are faced with these questions that are mentioned above at some point in their life. It is the story of almost all women because we, as women, tend to nurture and serve everyone else’s needs before our own. As a woman we are likely to be seen as superheroes or super multi-tasker’s however, it does not mean we do not fulfil our own needs and desires along the way. Often this can lead to further complications; such as low self-esteem, mental health issues, stress, anxiety and much much more. It is a common fact that women are twice as likely than men to develop an anxiety disorder.

We understand as women, how even the smallest tasks such as having breakfast can be an upheaval struggle, due to prioritising others and ensuring they are well equipped for their day. This can become a daily vicious cycle without us realising. These small sacrifices we make, may later turn into much bigger turmoils. We are aware that the start of the day needs to be done on a positive note, otherwise it can lead to huge implications; such as poor quality work being delivered or simply not being able to function for others who depend on us. This is just one example of the many struggles we face. This results in women suppressing their inner feelings of anxiety and stress, and if these situations do not get resolved in time the woman version of the hulk does unleash.

How often have we tried to find the solution to all of this? Some of us are easily swayed to splash our cash on therapy sessions, other times what happens is through the negative stigma of society, we are left to handle it on our own or we are programmed to overlook the issues we are faced with. We sometimes out of desperation turn to other methods such as: yogo, counselling and healing crystals. These approaches may seem to provide positive energy and slight boost, however in the long term these are just temporary solutions which will only harm your bank account.

Don’t despair if the above methods have not provided you with a long term solution. You do not need to look any further. We are offering an 3 part transformative, well structured and guided online modular masterclasses delivered by specialists who can offer you the long term solution. This is for Muslimahs to explore their own identity and character. You will be provided with the tools to discover your true potential, which will enable you to first benefit yourself then others around you. This journey of self-actualisation will help you become a better version of yourself providing you with peace and contentment. As a Muslimah we should strive to embed pure values and beliefs of Islam into our daily lives, as not only will this be truly beneficial for our self-development but it will also help mould many generations to come.

The approach one has towards situations is vital, and further forms the foundation of future endeavours. A practical structure will guide you and empower you to achieve your TRUE potential, without neglecting your roles and responsibilities.

Once this is achieved, peace, balance and tranquillity will surround you. It is highly important to be able to see life and situations through the lens of gratitude. Techniques will be shown theoretically and practically to save yourself years of worries, pain, and suffering. They will aid in having a strong mindset to face troubles and help balance the many responsibilities of a modern Muslimah.

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