Book Forum: Women and the Islamic Republic

Book Forum: Women and the Islamic Republic
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Rethinking Iran
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: April 14, 2022 (7:00pm)
End Date: April 14, 2022 (10:00pm +03)
Cost: Free
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SAIS Rethinking Iran presents a virtual Book Forum with Shirin Saeidi.

InĀ Women and the Islamic Republic: How Gendered Citizenship Conditions the Iranian State challenges, Shirin Saeidi demonstrates how multiple forms of citizenship have developed in post-revolutionary Iran and how these findings destabilize the binary formulation of democratization and authoritarianism which has not only dominated investigations of Iran, but also regime categorizations in political science more broadly.


SHIRIN SAEIDI is an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas. She has published articles in the International Journal of Middle East Studies, International Studies Review, and Millennium: Journal of International Studies.

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