Critical Thinking – (Every Tue from 30th Nov | 10 Weeks | 7:30PM)

Critical Thinking – (Every Tue from 30th Nov | 10 Weeks | 7:30PM)
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Organizing Institution: Guidance Hub
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Start Date: November 30, 2021 (19:30)
End Date: November 30, 2021 (20:25 GMT)
Cost: £21.79 – £40
Guidance Hub – Manchester – United Kingdom
10-week course taking place once a week on Tuesday evenings, this course is open to both males and females.


Have you heard of the Translation Movement? Well, it was a Muslim Movement during the ninth century with its capital in Baghdad. It involved several Muslim scholars dedicating their efforts to preserve the tools of thinking; the intellectual instruments which built civilizations.

Logic is one of those instrumental sciences which the Muslim scholars preserved but also refined to suit their Islamic needs. In this unit, within 10 weeks, you will learn about the major themes in Arabic Logic and more importantly, how you can utilize it to benefit in everyday life or in academic study.

Learn how to, think critically, identify flawed arguments, how to construct sound and valid propositions, and much more.


Equip learners with the tools of Arabic logic.

Apply theoretical knowledge of logic to practical contexts.

Understand the use of logic as an instrument of learning.

Understand how key logical principles are applied in language studies, jurisprudence, and theology.

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

The influence of logic on other Islamic sciences.

Different views about knowledge and its types.

Two key processes for learning and acquiring new information.

Types of logical fallacies.

The nature of syllogisms.

Classical methods of classification and taxonomy.

What will I achieve?

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

Construct sound syllogisms.

Identify logical fallacies in arguments.

Assess the validity and soundness of given information.

Open to all

Ages 14+

From £20

Full course material included

Limited places

Taught by experienced instructors

Guidance Hub
389 Waterloo Road
Manchester , M8 9AB United Kingdom
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