Duas from The Qur’an

Duas from The Qur’an
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Organizing Institution: Alwaha Institute
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Start Date: April 8, 2023 (12:00)
End Date: April 16, 2023 (13:00 EET)
Cost: £6
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????????????????? Starting: Saturday 25th March 2022 | Lessons every Saturday and Sunday 11 pm – 12 pm (UK)


????????????????????????????????????????: Dr. Sulayman Dabsha

Dr Suleyman graduated from Al Azhar University from the faculty of the Arabic language. After graduation, Dr suleyman went on to specialise in teaching Arabic to foreigners. He spent some time at “Al Ibaanah Arabic Center” in Cairo, where he taught for several years. He currently is professor of Arabic in a university in Turkey.


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This course focuses on studying the supplications mentioned in the Qur’an.

Supplications are dealt with in detail, as their meanings and reasons for revelation are explained, as well as the rulings related to them.

Lectures are given in Arabic, and all study materials are provided online.

This class is best suited to beginner to intermediate students of Arabic.



• A basic understanding of the Arabic language

• Ability to recite Arabic words and sentences

• This is an interactive class therefore students will be required to utilise their microphones

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