Earth Steps Embrace Nature: An Islamic Ecopsychology Course for Women 4 Week Course Registration Required

Earth Steps Embrace Nature: An Islamic Ecopsychology Course for Women 4 Week Course Registration Required
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Earth Steps
Start Date: April 30, 2023 (11:00am)
End Date: April 30, 2023 (1:00pm EST)
Cost: $125 for 4 sessions, materials included
Erindale Park – Mississauga – Canada
EarthSteps Presents:


Facilitated by Memona Hossain

Join us for a weekly sisters’ meetup to reflect and connect with the wisdom and beauty of nature through an Islamic worldview.
Dates: Four Sundays: April 30, May 7, May 14 and June 4
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: Erindale Park, 1695 Dundas St. W., Mississauga
Fee: $125 for 4 sessions, materials included

Memona Hossain is a mother, community-based collaborator and a PhD candidate of the Applied Ecopsychology program through Project Nature Connect.  She has also completed her Master’s in Education at the University of Toronto. Memona is also working to complete her certification in Art Therapy. She is a lecturer through the School of Environment at the University of Toronto and has taught Ecopsychology at the University of Guelph Arboretum and Riverwood Conservancy.  Memona is involved in Eco-diverse conversations, engaging with individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds as it pertains to climate action. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Muslim Association of Canada as well as Faith & the Common Good.


In the Qur’an, Allah(swt) has directed the believer to think, contemplate, and reflect through nature. It is almost impossible to read a single page of the Qur’an without finding mention of something in nature. Some scholars have counted that the Qur’an contains at least 1300 verses in the Qur’an about nature – that is approximately 1/5th of the Qur’an! Just the word ard, translated as ‘earth,’ has been said to appear in the Qur’an 485 times. The Qur’an asks believers to contemplate nature as a means of knowing Allah(swt). Revelation is inseparable from nature, and Islam preserves an integral view of the universe as tied to Divine revelation.

Ecopsychology studies the relationship between human beings and the natural world through a focus on learning through the wisdom in Nature. The field seeks to develop and understand ways of expanding the emotional connection between individuals and the natural world, assisting individuals with developing sustainable lifestyles and remedying alienation from nature.

This program is specifically designed to re-invigorate and integrate a nature-connective framework through the Islamic worldview, inshaAllah. These sessions are aimed at providing an experience where we will interact with a small community of sisters through shared nature-based experiences to help bring hope, resilience, and opportunities for deeper contemplation of the Creation of Allah(swt), inshaAllah.

Learning objectives include:

  • Connecting and interacting uniquely with the creation of Allah(swt)
  • Exploring Islamic teachings, & verses of the Qur’an & sacred hadith with reflections on nature
  • Building sisterhood
  • Exploring ways to gain a deeper understanding of how nature communicates
  • Understanding how perspectives through nature help us gain insight on how to navigate our own lives
  • Applying principles of eco-art therapy to produce nature inspired artwork that breaks free from societal constrictions of artistic techniques

Through all the chaos, trauma, and difficulties that we are facing as individuals and communities, nature is a strongly rooted space to contemplate the essence of true beauty, find peace, and connect with Allah(swt). Learning will be embedded in practical, hands-on activities to apply and enhance knowledge transfer. Participants will also integrate this learning through Eco-Art activities.

Eco-Art Therapy is the use of principles and theories of Ecopsychology within an arts-based therapeutic modality. It is an expressive modality that explores self-discovery, personal insight, conflict resolution, and inner healing. It aims to connect nature’s wisdom with the human inner self. Nature is the mediator, while art is the expressive mode.

Using an Islamic perspective, this course will guide participants to explore the beauty of the Qur’an and sunnah and Islamic traditions in developing a deeper understanding of how to embody characteristics of ‘khilafah fil ard” from a place of inspiration and deep connection.

Concepts to be explored will include:
  • Wisdom in nature
  • Engaging with nature and our surroundings through reflection and personal insight
  • Interconnections in nature & concepts of time, forgiveness, patience, love, and care as observed in nature
  • Communication beyond language, as observed in nature
  • Breaking free from societal rigidity and structure

Through the 4-week program topics that will be covered include:

Week 1: Bismillah – Introduction & grounding, and overview of learning through nature’s wisdom
Week 2: Tafakkur – Nature sensing – what does it mean to engage with nature beyond our five senses?
Week 3: Khilafah fil ardh – an honourable and divine responsibility
Week 4: Alhamdulillah – Culminating Activity – moving from awe to action

Erindale Park
1695 Dundas St W
Mississauga , Ontario L5C 1E3 Canada
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