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Start Date: May 17, 2023 (4:00pm)
End Date: May 17, 2023 (5:30pm EET)
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We are delighted to again welcome the report’s editors Enes Bayrakli and Farid Hafez, and individual report contributors Kawtar Najib (France), Lamies Nassri (Denmark) & Enrique Tessieri (Finland – and also one of ENORB’s board members).

They will present their latest findings, and we will aim to discuss what actions are now being taken, and what further actions need to be taken, to tackle religious hatreds and anti-muslim racism in particular across Europe.

You can view the latest report: European Islamophobia Report 2022

We are now inviting MEPs and colleagues from the European Commission engaged in delivering anti-racism and Islamophobia actions in Europe, to share with us latest actions and planned action. We will be joined by colleagues from all religions and none, including friends from CCIE who will be launching an anti-religious hatreds coalition in June 2023 , with ENORB and many other civil society partners, called EQUITAS, and starting with #STOPISLAMOPHOBIA 2030 campaign. CCIE will also be telling us about their findings based on their most recent report.

The event will be facilitated by ENORB’s President Maryana Hnyp and Director Mark Ereira-Guyer

Pictured above: Kawtar Nijab and Farid Hafez

Farid Hafez:

Farid is a Visiting Professor of International Studies at Williams College, a Senior Fellow for The Bridge Initiative at Georgetown University, and the editor of the Islamophobia Studies Yearbook and co-editor of the European Islamophobia Report. He has authored and co-edited various publications on Islamophobia and Muslim youth movements in Europe, and he has served as a reviewer and advisor for various boards and journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Vienna and has been a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and a visiting scholar at Columbia University.

Kawtar Najib:

Kawtar is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at Newcastle University, where she has been working on the SAMA (Spaces of Anti-Muslim Acts in the Greater Paris and Greater London regions) project since 2016. Her research interests include religious and territorial discrimination, geographies of Islamophobia, and the geography of “Othering,” as well as minority religious groups. She has previously conducted research on socio-spatial inequalities, urban segregation, residential mobility, and spatial representations.

Lamies Nassri:

Lamies Nassri holds a master’s degree in language psychology from the University of Copenhagen and Boston University, with a specialization in language use, identity, and power relations, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Danish Literature and Language. She has worked in the field of anti-racism, specifically focusing on Islamophobia in Denmark, and are currently the Project Manager at the Centre for Muslims’ Rights in Denmark (CEDA), where they write international reports, op-eds, and campaigns on issues pertaining to Muslims’ rights in Denmark.

Enrique Tessieri:

Enrique Tessieri is a sociologist and former journalist who has written and researched immigration topics in Argentina. As a journalist, Tessieri worked as a foreign correspondent in countries like Finland, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and Colombia, writing on human rights, business, and foreign investment. Tessieri is the editor of Migrant Tales, a community blog he founded in 2007. Tessieri has authored three ENAR shadow reports on Finland and the previous five for the European Islamophobia Report

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