Fardhu ‘Ain for Women

Fardhu ‘Ain for Women
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Cape Town Muslim Events
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: May 4, 2023 (6:45pm)
End Date: May 4, 2023 (8:00pm GMT+2)
Cost: R300 - R550
Website: https://ctme.co.za/fardhu-ain-for-women/
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“Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.”

Fardhu ‘ain is stressed in the above Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which highlights the importance of gaining knowledge
especially in the obligatory areas which include Basic Fiqh: Wudhu’ (ablution), Solat (prayers), Siyam (fasting), Zakat and Haj. It is a
form of individual obligation which means that it is a sin if not carried out.


Living in a modern or contemporary society, some of us might have some doubts on vital issues concerning Toharah (cleanliness),
while some might still be unclear on the act of Solat (prayers), which is the very first thing that Allah will ask on Judgement Day.
What about Wudhu’, Ghusl (ritual bath) and many more compulsory acts which are required of us as Muslims?

Have we been performing them correctly and at the same time be aware of the Sunnah?  Have we been fulfilling the requirements
to make an obligatory act a valid one? Let’s go back to basics and get everything concerning Fardhu ‘Ain crystal clear so that we can
perform them with a peace of mind and sincerity.



In this workshop, we will also be covering the servants whom Allah loves. Knowing who they are, and understanding how to get there, we will be able to plan our next step InshaAllah. This will be done every week.

An intimate and content-packed course that discusses the following: –

Week 1: The 3Rs; Roles, Rights, and Responsibility of a Muslim Women (Single) 

  • Allah loves the Muhsiniin

Week 2 • The 3Rs; Roles, Rights, and Responsibility of a Muslim Women (Wife)

  • Allah loves the Mutatahhiriin

Week 3 • The 3Rs; Roles, Rights, and Responsibility of a Muslim Women (Mother)

  • Allah loves the Tawwabiin

Week 4 • Fiqh of Nikaah (Marriage) and Talaaq (Divorce)

  • Allah loves the Muttaqiin

Week 5 • Fiqh of Thoharah (Purification) for women

  • Allah loves the Saabiriin

Week 6 • Fiqh of Women and Blood 

  • Allah loves the Mutawakkiliin

Week 7 • Fiqh of Solat (Prayer) & Sawm (Fasting) for women

  • Allah loves the Muqsitiin

Week 8 • Fiqh of Zakaat & Hajj for women

  • Allah loves the yuqaatiluuna fi sabiilih


Course Objective

​Fardhu ‘Ain for Women course  is carefully designed to essentially prepare women towards understanding Islam as a religion and their duties and responsibilities as Muslims when it comes to performing their daily obligatory acts aligned with the teachings in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Entry Requirements

  • Open to ladies, of ages 17 years old and above
  • No prior knowledge is required since this course is suited for complete beginners


Who Should Attend This Course? 

  •  Beginners with little or zero knowledge on Islam
  •  Individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge in Toharah & Solat especially
  •  Muslim converts/reverts who are starting to learn about Islam
  •  Parents who are looking for new alternatives of teaching Islam to their kids

Instructor: Mualima Zaitoon Ebrahim

Born and raised in Cape Town, Zaitoon Ebrahim is a motivational speaker, artist, mom of 2 boys, and author. She obtained bachelor’s degree in Islamic Theology at Islamic College of Southern Africa and started her career as an Islamic studies educator at Madrassatul Quds. During this time, she managed youth events with an NGO, facilitating events, camps, and leadership training for adults and youth. Being involved with the youth, she also co-presented on radio Voice of the Cape for one year on the show, ‘For Young Individuals. The key focus of this programme was to educate young individuals about entrepreneurship and personal growth.

In addition to this, she obtained a Diploma in Project Management, a diploma in Didactics, and certification in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Therapeutic Art Coaching.

Date and Time:

Thursdays for 8 weeks
Starting 4th May 2023
Ends 23rd June 2023
6.45 pm to 8 pm

  • Platform: Zoom Meeting Live
  • Sessions are also recorded to view after up to the 1 week

Payment Option A:
Early Bird – R550.00 Once Off Feeper person [Pay only once and save R50]


Payment Option B:
2 payments of R300.00 per person (once on registration in order to secure your seat and 2nd payment after the 4th class)

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