FH | Mental Health Series The Challenges of Stigma, Resilience & Happiness

FH | Mental Health Series The Challenges of Stigma, Resilience & Happiness
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Organizing Institution: Flourishing Happiness (FH)
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Start Date: May 28, 2022 (05:15)
End Date: May 28, 2022 (08:15 +03)
Cost: Free
Website: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/fh-mental-health-series-the-challenges-of-stigma-resilience-happiness-tickets-318327725797
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FH | WWMAS Mental Health Webinar Series, Singapore -The Challenges of Stigma, Resilience & Happiness

Flourishing Happiness (FH), WWMAS Mental Health Webinar Series is a vehicle that innovates awareness, advocacy and public education to serve the community.


To perpetual flourishing with the wisdom of happiness to feel right on what’s right to be thriving happily.


Act as a vehicle to propagate innovative awareness advocacy and public education to serve society.


Stigma is real and intimidating with self-defeating thoughts. It hurts people as it affects one’s social life, causes a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, for it a vicious cycle of submissive tendency and losing faith.

Join us on 28th May 2022 on Zoom from 10.30 am – 12.30 pm to learn more about our FH | WWMAS Mental Health Webinar Series, Singapore -The Challenges of Stigma, Resilience & Happiness

Join us on 28th May 2022 to learn more about The Challenges of Stigma, Resilience & Happiness

Flourishing Happiness champions and envision acceptance and egalitarianism; an anti-stigma society. Our objective is to draw public awareness about societal consent and perspectives in the current. Stigma demonstrates in people with mental health and substance dependency as they exhibit negative psychological and physiological symptoms.

Learning objectives

By the end of each session, we hope to:

* Create awareness to the public on anti-stigma for all populations

* See participants fully understand how stigma hurts the person and what it is stigma?

* Learn to use simple tools to cope with the challenges, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; and the ability to spring back into shape

* Learning how one can achieve is basic needs of motivation to seek happiness is equated with feeling pleasure or contentment

* See participants help those who are in need, not discriminate

* See the person in recovery find meaning in this webinar

* See families from all walks of life can walk the street heads up and be recognised by society and acknowledged

* Walk with you against stigma to tell the world we are no different

Dr Bibi Jan, PBM, BBM

Dr Bibi Jan has been in education service and a social activist for more than 40 years. She is a co-founding member of Club HEAL and Network of Muslim Community Practitioners (NOCP) various ground-up initiatives to address some of the social issues within the Malay- Muslim community. She believes in working with like-minded people with the heart and mind to serve the greater community.

Jonathan Kuek H.L

Jonathan Kuek is a doctoral candidate and mental health researcher at the University of Sydney, specializing in recovery approaches to the management and understanding mental health conditions. He is a published author and serves as a journal reviewer for various peer-reviewed journals; an active volunteer in the mental health sector and a firm believer in youth volunteerism and empowerment; mentors undergraduate psychology students in his free time and volunteers actively serving the mental health population. He provides various forms of advisory, administrative, and logistical support for multiple other social service organizations in Singapore. Jonathan recently launched the Total Wellness Initiative to promote and encourage people to take the first step towards being more intentional in caring about their well-being.

Vijay Pratap Rai

Vijay Pratap Rai is a Pioneer Peer Support Specialist with over ten years of experience in mental health. He was diagnosed with psychosis. He recounts his anxiety-ridden journey to how he overcame mental health challenges to piece his life together. He picked himself up, started going for activities, and used his lived experiences to support others and the multi-disciplinary team at the Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP) in IMH. He has appeared in various media and is a strong advocate of mental health. “I realized that I could touch people’s lives with my experience, instil hope and happiness in them, which is crucial in the recovery journey.”

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