Fiqh of Love and Marriage

Fiqh of Love and Marriage
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Cape Town Muslim Events Education Institute
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Start Date: January 30, 2022 (7:30pm GMT+02:00)
End Date: March 20, 2022 (9:30pm GMT+02:00)
Cost: 2 payments of R350.00 per device 
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What the Fiqh of Love workshop can do for your relationship
  • Create a harmonious relationship with your spouse devoid of petty arguments and constant nagging.
  • Create a dynamic team between you and your spouse and give you the mentality and strength to enable you to truly believe that you can do anything together.
  • Make communicating with your spouse seamless, easy, enjoyable, and devoid of stress – no matter what the topic or the situation.
  • Create a more romantic, doting, loving relationship where you will not be afraid to express your romantic side more often.

Fiqh of Love and Marriage draws from the infinite wisdom of the Divine as found in the authentic sources of Islam while paying attention to the findings of modern scientific research. Be prepared to have your way of thinking and behaving dissected, taken apart and revamped so that you can become the better you: a you that others will love, respect and want to follow. In sha Allah

Course Objectives

  • Challenges that you would face in marriage.
  • Gain fulfillment in your marriage.
  • Improve on what you have within your marriage.
  • Save troubled marriage.

Course Outline

  • There are certain immutable (unchanging) laws of success in life.
  • Pitfalls in marriage.
  • Stages of marriage break up and how to reverse this process.
  • Importance of marriage in the life of an individual and society.
  • Benefits of marriage.

The Aim of This Course:

  • Identify your own needs and the needs of your partner.
  • Come to understand the dynamics of the marriage relationship.
  • Communicate your needs and differences to your partner without leading to arguments.
  • Honor and respect in-laws while securing your own space.
  • Certification of attendance will be issued to students who attend a min of 7 sessions.

“Very helpful, after each session my spouse and I would talk about the course content and this created loads of break through moments, the course made us more aware of our own marriage and there where many light bulb moments…” Yumnah


  • Focus is on YOU!
  • Purpose of Marriage
  • Connection: The Heart of the Matter
  • Myths of Marriage
  • The Six Needs
  • The Love Languages
  • The Differences that Attract and Repel
  • Arguments the Hot Spice of Marriage
  • The Path to Marital Self-Improvement

“The Marriage course run by The Sakinah Foundation’s Moulana Muadth Allie has to be one of the most informative, eye opening and valuable courses I have attended. If you are serious about your marriage and your spouse or just want to learn how to do things right this is THEE course to attend … Muslim or not!…” Simon

Who should attend?

  • Couples who wish to improve their relationships
  • Couples who find a lack of communication in their relationship.
  • Anyone who wants to know what the opposite gender wants and how to provide it.
  • You are not in a relationship and wondering what you are doing wrong.
  • You are in a lackluster relationship and are looking for ways to create more closeness and caring.
  • You are thinking of ending your relationship and are wondering if there is a way to save it.
  • You are in a happy relationship and are looking for ways to make it even better.
  • You are counseling couples and are looking for more insights.
  • Students who have attended any Marriage course and wish to further their understanding.

“Very interesting, nice way Moulana Muaadth explained each idea, the presentation was BRILLIANT!  I benefited and would highly recommend all to invest in this course…” Sharifa


Moulana Muaadth Allie is the Director and founder of The Sakinah Foundation, Co-Imam at the Castle Town Road Masjid, Part-time lecturer at various institutions around Cape Town, Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN). Resident teacher at Cape Town Muslim Events / The Knowledge Zone. Teacher and  Marriage counselor since 1998.


Payment Option A:
Early bird fee: R650.00per device [Pay only once and save R50]


Payment Option B:
2 payments of R350.00 per Device  (once on registration and other payment by the 4th week of classes)

  • Sundays for 8 weeks
  • Starting 30th January 2022
  • Ends 20th March 2022
  • 7.30pm to 9.30pm (break for Maghrib)
  • Class 1 hour 30 mon incl. Q&A
  • Online only

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