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Organizing Institution: Tanwir Institute
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Start Date: November 30, 2022 (7:30pm)
End Date: March 1, 2023 (8:30pm EST)
Cost: Free
Ribat Café – Alexandria – Virginia – United States

The Foundations class goal is to give those who attend the basic and essential knowledge of Islam, faith, prayer, purification, and spirituality. Starting with purification of the heart to prepare themselves properly for acquiring outward knowledge. Via this program, students will be able to confidently understand the various acts of purification and worship. Having this knowledge and its proper application in the real world is a primary and fundamental objective of this course. This course is suited for those who have a desire to learn how to lay a firm Islamic Foundation in their lives.


Learning Objectives:

  • To fulfill the duties of learning that which is incumbent upon every Muslim.
  • Introducing the basics of faith and beliefs in Islam.
  • Extensive section on “how to correct the prayer” when one makes a mistake which is vital to arriving with certainty towards “perfecting one’s prayer.”
  • Give the students an understanding of the process of purification as it relates to ritual worship.
  • Bring an understanding of the various types of water and their role in the two branches of purification (removal of impure substances and the rectification of an impure state).
  • The ability to master the components of wudu (illumination) and the ritual bath, including knowing what necessitates them both.
  • The ability to master and understand purification in the absence of water.
  • Provide an understanding of the legal rulings surrounding menstrual and postpartum bleeding.
  • Understanding and knowing how to perform the prayer in their allocated time, including what necessitates rectification through an extra prostration, what invalidates the prayer, and what is necessary for its validity.
  • Provide the beginner with the fundamental obligatory knowledge of fiqh (jurisprudence) along with some very useful principles of fiqh that make it easy for the student to conceptualize legal rulings and make them easy to memorize.
  • Extensive detail concerning correcting the prayer gives the student a strong sense of certainty about how to conduct prayer properly both under normal and abnormal circumstances.
  • The class will instruct the student in the foundational aspects of both inward and outward conduct according to the shari’ah.
  • Imparting students with a firm understanding of the Islamic faith and application of worsh
  • Provide good company and coffee!

Ribat Café
6408 Edsall Road
Alexandria , Virginia 22312 United States
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