Islamic Counselling & Mental Health Training- Ulema & Guardian project- CPD

Islamic Counselling & Mental Health Training- Ulema & Guardian project- CPD
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Eclectic House
Start Date: March 11, 2023 (13:00)
End Date: March 11, 2023 (15:00 GMT)
Cost: £50.00
Madani Schools Federation – Leicester – United Kingdom

Services Provided via Eclectic House Ltd:

Over the last few years Mental health has increased at an unprecedented rate, however as services for the wider community are easy to access, it’s more difficult for the Muslim community and (BAME) to gain access that is suited for us and where our faith and spiritual elements are at the forefront. (Supported by government & NHS statistics).

The best way of dealing with issue and problems our community is facing is by dealing and offering solutions/education at the grassroots level at places of worship and places of faith with the right target audience.

We at Eclectic House believe it is essential for every faith space or faith organisation to have a role to help fulfil the gap that the Muslim community face, so I respectfully propose a training course for male and female Ulema that can aid us in fulfilling and ultimately reclaiming well-being and education of our youth and elders for the betterment of our community.

1. To train male and female Ulema or each member/teachers of your organisation to the standard of a Muslim mental health coach to deal with a range of areas & we will provide an internationally accredited certificate for them to practice with students & parents who are in need of support.

2. We will also have the one day training throughout the year for anyone who wants a taster session but this is not part of the Ulema training and you will have the opportunity to join the online course starting in September 2023.

This training is open to all (Ulema will be given priority places) & will allow you to enhance your skills professionally and personally within the field of mental and spiritual health, This course will provide you with great insight into healing, happiness, peace and all the components, The aim is to bridge the understanding and make sense of Islam, individuality, culture, faith & spirituality in the real and contemporary world, touching upon all topics and issues an individual/community may be facing (mental health). Also touching upon different psyche models from a faith and secular perspective within the holistic framework and its practical application in the real world.

Eclectic House Ltd is an international Counselling, Therapy & Mental health organisation that works from a spiritual perspective, we train, educate, and deliver CPD accredited courses that are built around an Islamic framework for Muslims all around the world.

The more Muslims we train the more we can reclaim wellbeing and provide services to those in need in our community.

Your role: Mental Health Coaches provide specialist peer support to help health and wellbeing services (your organization) to achieve positive outcomes for their students, parents and staff. Once trained, these coaches combine their own experience of managing mental health difficulties with evidence-based skills and knowledge to help clients thrive in their recovery moving forward.

The well-being service you will be assisting is your own organization with potential supervision via Eclectic House.

Eclectic House Limited (EHL) is an alternative counselling & therapy company, we specialise in spirituality and the Islamic faith hence your role will be “Muslim Mental Health Coach”. Once you complete the course and we believe that you are ready to practice, you will receive a letter from myself (Khaleel Kassim: Director & Trainer) that you have completed the course with the addition of a CPD certification and we recognize you as a “Muslim Mental Health Coach” and we give you permission to practice while freelancing under EHL and being a Coach under our community counselling project.

Eclectic House work nationally and internationally and have 10+ years of experience, theoretical and practical, from secular, religious and philosophical perspectives, we are a trusted organization who deliver workshops and have many services that you can fit into such as:

– International & regional Workshops – International Counselling & Therapy – University Tour – International Female Counselling Service – International webinar series – TV, Radio & podcast – Community & charity work – Youth & Social support – Mental health consulting – Business & Corporate consulting (IBM) – Collaborations & now The CCP (Community Counselling Project).

Once you have completed the course, you will be given the title of “Muslim Mental Health Coach” under Eclectic House Limited (EHL) You can ask EHL for supervision on cases you need support with – 100% confidentiality is maintained at all times.

This course will provide you with a qualification under an International accredited body (CPD), you will receive an accredited certification from the Continued Professional Development board for our course and final module “A Training Masterclass in Islamic counselling, therapy and healing (CPD)”. or “Completed The Training course In Islamic psychology, counselling, therapy & faith based interventions”. It all depends on what you want to do once the training is over.

This accreditation is recognized internationally so will help to enhance your CV and further your career in any human interaction profession as well as within the mental health field – specially with a role focused around a faith based ethos/setting. This course fast tracks you to begin working with clients without having to go through unnecessary red tape that is unavoidable with the secular approach – we will abide by regulations, follow the framework from the Islamic faith and the approaches EHL was built on and continues to succeed with.

You will also have a reach beyond our current clientele as you will be our Muslim Mental Health Coach in that community where you will be promoting your services. We can also help you set up specific workshops that you can deliver for your community and target a certain audience (i.e Imams, Faith teachers – male and female etc.)

“We are born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is temporary. A contemporary one of a kind course compiled with the intention to guide, enabling you to ask the right questions, knowing the origins of emotions, the soul and mindset and how to deal with them and help others deal with them – Emotional Intelligence – while unlocking new perspectives on life and oneself. Shifting the focus back to what truly matters and walking away with a greater purpose & understanding – A Spiritual journey to understand Islamic Psychology and Mental health”.

Course detail:

Period: 10 months – Starts 11th March 2023.

Lessons: Fortnightly (Saturdays) – 2 lessons a month, each lesson is 2 hours.

Location: MADANI HIGH SCHOOL (Leicester).

Time: 1PM – 3PM (can be changed).

Method of teaching: In person – Discussions based – Q&A – Links, videos, articles and recommended reading & homework tasks will be provide through an online link.

Assessments: Practical – Live case study & Different scenarios (self-learning) – Also individual one-to-one assessments (NO EXAMS).

– Knowledge.

– Theory.

– Practicality.

– Supervision always available.


MODULE 1 Foundation: Islam & The Philosophy of emotions module explores an Islamic and a philosophical in depth look at the concept and foundation of emotions & mental health.

– What are emotions? – Where do they come from? – How to deal with them and recognize them?

Also delve into how emotions impact us as human beings from a mental, physical and spiritual perspective, while linking it to Emotional Intelligence & Mental & Spiritual health in order to reach a higher sense of being and purpose.

MODULE 2: Stress, Anxiety & Depression – The Holistic Approach.

Looking at the foundation and concepts of stress, anxiety & depression from the Holistic approach (mind, body & soul), this module will explore this through the main 3 perspectives,

– The God perspective.

– The Devil perspective.

– The individual (human/desire) perspective.

While linking it to spirituality & self-consciousness, in order to understand and control our stress, anxiety & depression.

MODULE 3: The Divine Self and A journey to a sound heart:

This module will be looking at – The stages of the heart & soul – The link between our heart & God – 12 Stages of love – Self-love and Islam – Doubts – Honesty – Confidence – Desires – Materialism – Anger – Hate – Fear- Ego – Happiness – Reflections of a counsellor

– God perspective.

– Devil perspective.

– Humanistic/individual perspective.

A unique journey to explore and understand what it means to attain and acquire a sound heart, while also touching upon a few primary and secondary emotions from a holistic approach and how they impact the heart.

We will also explore the three main perspectives when looking at the heart In order to better understand ourselves to reach a higher sense of being, purpose and spirituality. While also exploring and building a healthy level of emotional wellbeing, mental fortitude and a sound heart.

MODULE 4: Love, relationships & The Six Criteria of Well-Being

This Module will explore the concept of love from the holistic/Islamic perspective, while focusing on the concept of self, through love & the stages of relationships with ones-self and others. Also looking at The Six Criteria of Well-Being through the Islamic lens.

Topics we will touch upon: – Levels of Love (Imam Ghazali).- Concept of Love and the self – Independence & Freedom – Masculine & Feminine energy – Marriage/Nikkah contracts/Roles – Finding a spouse – Divorce – Identity – Choice.

MODULE 5: A Training masterclass In Islamic counselling, therapy and healing. CPD ACCREDITED.

This module will allow you to enhance your understanding and skills professionally and personally within the field of mental and spiritual health. This module will provide you with great insight into healing, happiness, peace and all their components. The aim is to bridge the understanding and make sense of Islam, individuality, culture, faith & spirituality in the real and contemporary world – touching upon all topics and issues an individual/community may be facing. Also touching upon different psyche models from a faith and secular perspective within the holistic framework and its practical application.

– The Philosophy of Happiness & Peace.

– Healing from the Islamic perspective.

– The Psychospiritual & holistic model.

– Eclectic house methods & practice.

– Scenarios & case studies

– Exploration of private practice.

– Follow up training & community packages.

This is a first come first serve (FCFS) registration process.

course fee: £2,000 (payment plan available).

This course has 4 payment plans:


Initial fee must be paid to confirm your spot on the course (£50) and the following payment plan will be put in place from April;

payment plan 1: £200 to be paid at the start of every month for 9 months (standing order to be set up).

payment plan 2: £150 to be paid at the start of every month for 13 months (standing order to be set up).

payment plan 3: £100 to be paid at the start of every month for 19/20 months (standing order to be set up).

payment plan 4: £50 to be paid at the start of every month for 39 months (standing order to be set up).

You can always pay off the course sooner or change payment option.

It all starts with you, Create and be part of the change you want to see in your communities, family friends and yourself, Healing ourselves allows us to heal the world around us.

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”.

For any questions you may have that are not answered in the description please contact Brother Khaleel – 07519431757

Potential Dates for Ulema training (Madani).

Saturday lessons / 1pm till 3pm.

March – 11th & 25th.

April – 8th & 22nd.

May – 13th & 27th.

June – 10th & 24th.

July – 8th & 22nd.

August – 12th & 26th.

September – 9th & 23rd.

October – 7th & 21st.

November – 11th & 25th.

December – 9th & 23rd.

Madani Schools Federation
77 Evington Valley Road
Leicester , LE5 5L United Kingdom
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