Islamic Permaculture & Off-grid Living

Islamic Permaculture & Off-grid Living
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Dr Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar
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Start Date: November 28, 2021 (20:00 EET)
End Date: November 28, 2021 (22:00 EET)
Cost: £11.36
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Permaculture & Off-grid living (Islamic perspective) Learn the core principles of permaculture together with the know-how of off-grid living

Join this exclusive Webinar. Learn about Islamic Permaculture & off-grid living with Sheikh Muhammad Foulds (Ecoliteracy Specialist) hosted LIVE from Madinah by Dr. Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar [6pm London, 1pm New York, 9pm Madinah]

What’s covered?

  • What is Ecoliteracy
  • Understanding Interdependence of life
  • Earth as a Living System
  • The poverty of human Insight
  • The need for an Ecoliterate Citizenry
  • A systems view of life
  • Rethinking Environmental Education
  • Knowledge to Action
  • The power of Legacy
  • Empowering our Youth
  • Islamic perspectives include the following
  • Islamic contemplation
  • How to read the signs
  • Understanding Al Sunan Rabaniyya (Universal Laws)
  • Understanding Al Ubudiyyah/ Al Kawniyyah( State of Submission
  • Understanding Tawhid Al Rububiyyah and Uloohiyyah
  • The Need for the New Muslim Polymath
  • Science of Interconnectedness
  • Intro to Islamic Permaculture
  • Intro to Establishing a Muslim Eco-Community
  • Importance of establishing a Muslim Ecoliterate Curriculum
  • How to establish an Outdoor Madrasah
  • And much much more

Early bird tickets: £9.99 (limited seats)

Normal price: £19.99

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