Men of Islam (Fardhu’ Ain for Men)

Men of Islam (Fardhu’ Ain for Men)
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Start Date: August 31, 2022 (8:00pm)
End Date: August 31, 2022 (9:30pm)
Cost: $10 (per session)
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O’, Brothers in Islam! 

It’s been a while since we ponder the topics of  Pillars of Faith (Iman) and Pillars of Islam

One day, when someone who wants to know about religion unknowingly comes to you or perhaps your friend of another religion wanting to learn more about Islam – Will you be able to answer the questions of Iman and knowledge with confidence when someone asks you about your beliefs like;

“How do we know that Allah and the Angels exist?”

“There were other books that came before the Quran, so how sure are you that the Quran is the greatest of all?”

“Why do some people do their prayers differently from others? Aren’t you all in one religion?”

Sometimes, we are used to doing what we’ve learned since childhood, but have you wondered if our Solah is right or wrong?

O’ Brothers in Islam,

Let us learn and re-learn about our Deen and Fardhu ‘Ain (Obligatory acts in Islam). There is nothing sweeter than the fruit of confidence and belief when we know what we are doing. 

“How to increase our faith in Islam?”

My dear brothers, this is one of the ways – to learn and empower ourselves with the knowledge of our faith. The more you know, the more you’ll realise that you actually know lesser. 

Join Ustaz Abdul Hakim Ya’akob as we dive 6 weeks into the Foundation of Islam and the knowledge to empower yourself with your everyday obligatory act – The Solah. 


Week 5: Concept of La ilaha illa Allah (30 August 2022)

Week 6: Respecting differences of opinions (31 August 2022)

Come as you are, it is never too late or too long.

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