Mothering Our Future Khalifah (Daughter & Son)

Mothering Our Future Khalifah (Daughter & Son)
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: The Modern Muslimah Project
Start Date: November 26, 2021 (15:00)
End Date: November 26, 2021 (17:00 +03)
Cost: $29.37
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An Online Parenting workshop with Ustazah Nazeerah Shaik Alwie

Ustazah Nazeerah, a mother of 3 (2 boys and a girl) is back with a much-needed workshop for mummies, on mothering boys & girls (especially from age 4 up to puberty). This is a crucial and challenging phase and would basically shape up the boys & girls’ upbringing.

What would be covered in these 2 sessions insyaAllah:-

1. Physical

  • surah issue sports which should be encouraged
  • types of clothing
  • foods that they should consume
  • teaching our children to lower their gaze

2. Mental

  • topics we should introduce to them
  • teaching the Hayaa’ (Modesty)

3. Emotional

  • mummy-son time, how frequent?
  • girls’ day out, is it necessary?
  • daddy’s involvement
  • how to correct them, the right way
  • -time and approaches

4.  Spiritual

  • can they be our imam in solah
  • for how long should we stick to our dua
  • what is your child life map which you have planned for your child

If you are searching for the right ways and means to raise the future Khalifah, I invite

you to join me. Let’s talk.

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