Move to Makkah/Madinah?

Move to Makkah/Madinah?
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Organizing Institution: Dr Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar
Contact Name: Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: December 26, 2021 (23:00 +03)
End Date: December 27, 2021 (01:00 +03)
Cost: £22.14
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Move to Makkah/Madinah? Set up a business. Get permanent residence. Apply for citizenship Learn the A-Z of investing in Saudi Arabia!

Join this exclusive Webinar. Learn the A-Z of investing in Saudi Arabia with *Dr Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar & Yasin Chowdhury* [5 pm London, 7 pm New York, 8pm Makkah]

What’s covered?

  • Moving to Makkah/Madinah
  • Learn about current investment opportunities in Madinah
  • Learn about the new Mount Uhud multi-purpose project
  • All Investors welcome (especially those with £750K+)
  • Understand the cost of living
  • Schooling/Islamic studies/Arabic
  • Procedures for buying land and properties
  • How to set up a company and do business
  • How to register and study in Masjid An-Nabawi
  • How to register to study at the Islamic University of Madinah
  • Sunnah sports (horse riding, archery & swimming)
  • And much much more

Early bird tickets: £19.99 (limited seats)

Normal price: £39.99

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