MTJ Foundation Manitoba Winnipeg Ramadan Knowledge Retreat

MTJ Foundation Manitoba Winnipeg Ramadan Knowledge Retreat
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Organizing Institution: MTJ Foundation2
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Start Date: March 31, 2023 (12:00pm)
End Date: April 1, 2023 (10:00pmCDT)
Cost: $0 – $54.58
Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA) Grand Mosque – Winnipeg – Canada

Al Hasanain: Vision, Mission, and Goal

Under the guidance and direction of Molana Tariq Jamil, Al Hasanain Institute aims to cultivate a rich Islamic community that stands as a representation of the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Medina in true loyalty and submission to Allah and love and respect for humanity.

The purpose of Al Hasanain Institution is to strive towards our vision by representing and re-presenting to the world the three facets of the prophetic tradition: education (taʿalīm), self-purification (tazkiyah), and propagation (tablīgh) through ascertaining, preserving, and disseminating authentic Islamic knowledge under the guidance of prophetic scholarship.

Al Hasanain Institute aims to reintroduce the complete prophetic way of life, i.e., individual, familial, and communal implementation of the Quran and the Prophet’s guidelines, in light of the understanding of the pious predecessors. This can be achieved, with the help of Allah Taʿālā, through a series of programs that are designed to facilitate gradual, steady growth.


Ramadan Retreat

Let us come together to lift our spirits, revive our faith, and experience the heavenly spirit of Ramadan! Let us pray, learn, enjoy, and eat together this blessed month.

Acquiring basic knowledge and maintaining one’s spiritual health is necessary for an individual’s functionality as a Muslim. Our retreat is designed to facilitate the commencement of a spiritually uplifting and academically rich journey, teach the scope of general Islamic knowledge, understand our individual and communal position therein, and identify the steps of gradually reaching the end goal.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to sit, converse, and benefit from the experience and company of world-renowned scholars and speakers at the Iftar Event.


  • Educational programs
  • Lectures
  • Youth Program
  • Nasheed Night
  • Community iftar with guest speakers and artists


  • Academic Workshops
  • Iftar With The Guests
  • Individual Sessions With Guest Speakers

Featured Guests:

  1. Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam (UK)
  2. Sheikh Ismael Mokhtar – Author of Manitoba Muslims
  3. Sheikh Nabil
  4. Mufti Daoud
  5. Ejlal Meer – Nasheed Artist
  6. Qari Hamadullah Qazi


  • The Month of Mercy | The Prophet of Mercy
  • Taqwa | The Way of Love
  • Intellectual & Emotional Piety
  • The Journey of Revelation
  • The Doors of Paradise and Hell
  • A Tour of Paradise and Hell
  • True I’tikaf | Retreating to Allah


Thanking our Charity Partners

Molana Tariq Jamil (MTJ) Foundation Canada

Islamic Relief Canada

Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA) Grand Mosque
2445 Waverley Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3Y 1S3 Canada
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