Name That Prophet Boardgame Launch

Name That Prophet Boardgame Launch
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Organizing Institution: Name That Prophet Board Game
Start Date: January 30, 2022 (10:00am EST/EDT)
End Date: January 30, 2022 (5:00pm EST/EDT)
Cost: Free
Hall of Peace – Ottawa – Canada

Free admission and Free parking!

Come and learn about the Prophets while playing and having fun!

The event is from 10 am to 5 pm. Loot bags for the first 50 guests!

We have something for everyone InshaAllah:

Bazaar, Food, games, prizes, and more!

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About Us

Established in April 2021 in Ottawa, we are passionate about educating our current and future generations with stories about our Prophets. We believe the best way to do that is through a fun and safe environment at home. Our plan is not only to sell these educational game boards to the public, but also to donate them to mosques, Islamic schools, and low-income families.

The Game

Using trivia-style questions, ranked easy, medium, and hard, this game does more than help people have fun while learning. It also serves as reference material when trying to reference a Prophet’s story. Our easy-to-read cards help people quickly retrieve the information they need and learn a new fact!

The Goal

With 25 Prophets and their stories, each story provides lessons that can be used in our everyday lives to foster kindness, empathy, and strong community bonds.

The goal of this project is to help us remember the lessons that Prophets have taught us in a simple and fun way. Developed as a board game, Name That Prophet is about having fun while teaching us about Islam through Prophetic stories, promoting knowledge for this world and the next.

Hall of Peace
241 Northwestern Avenue
Ottawa , Ontario K1Y 0M1 Canada
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