Online Islamic Studies for Sisters

Online Islamic Studies for Sisters
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Cape Town Muslim Events
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: February 3, 2024 (9:00am)
End Date: February 3, 2024 (11:30am)
Cost: R200 - R875
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In the Name of Allah the most Gracious most Merciful

In the Islamic faith, acquiring knowledge about our religion is highly emphasized. This course has been specifically designed with that objective in mind, creating an opportunity for Muslims to fulfill this crucial duty and gain a better understanding of our faith’s fundamental tenets.

This course aims to establish a solid foundation for Muslims, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the essential Islamic sciences. and exploring our primary Islamic beliefs, Aqeedah, the Qur’an, the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as the rules governing worship (such as Salah, Hajj, and Zakat), family, and daily life.

This course will be divided into modules:

Term 1: ‘Aqeedah; Fiqh (Purification, Haydh, Salaah and fasting) and Personal Growth

Term 2: ‘Ulum al-Quran; Tafseer and Personal Growth

Term 3: Hadith; Seerah and Personal Growth

Term 4: Fiqh (Zakaah, Hajj, Janazah), Fiqh of (Nikah and Talaq) and Personal Growth)

Please view the detailed course breakdown below

Who this course is for

  • Females
  • For ages 16+
  • NO prior knowledge required
  • Anyone eager to learn the foundations in a structured manner


Students who desire to do so will have the opportunity to undergo evaluation through Google Forms Questionnaires after each term.

Additionally, those who choose to participate in the assessment at the end of the full course will receive a certification upon successful completion. This flexible approach allows students to actively engage in the evaluation process and earn recognition through the issuance of a certification for their achievements in the entire course.

Instructor: Mualima Zaitoon Ebrahim

Born and raised in Cape Town, Zaitoon Ebrahim is a motivational speaker, artist, mom of 2 boys, and author. She obtained bachelor’s degree in Islamic Theology at Islamic College of Southern Africa and started her career as an Islamic studies educator at Madrassatul Quds. During this time, she managed youth events with an NGO, facilitating events, camps, and leadership training for adults and youth. Being involved with the youth, she also co-presented on radio Voice of the Cape for one year on the show, ‘For Young Individuals. The key focus of this programme was to educate young individuals about entrepreneurship and personal growth.

In addition to this, she obtained a Diploma in Project Management, a diploma in Didactics, and certification in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Therapeutic Art Coaching.

NB! Other teachers of CTME Education will also be presenting various topics


  • Three payment options are available.
  • Quarterly and Annual payments are preferred to ease the administration.

Option 1: Quartelry (per term) – R875 (4 payments)

Option 2: Annual once-off R3300 (Early bird saving of R200) Valid until end February 2024

Option 3: Monthly: R350 (10 Payments (Feb to Nov)

*Bonus: 50 % Discount on all other online classes offered via CTME Education during your 2024 period)

Dates and Times: 

  • Saturdays from 3rd February 2024
  • 9 am to 11.30 am
  • 45 minutes per module unless indicated differently
  • Short breaks in between Sessions
  • Q and A Sessions after classes or via WhatsApp/email
  • Classes run the school terms unless otherwise notified

Class hosted via Zoom meeting with access to recordings 

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