Open Group for Punjabi Men: Our Relationship with Alcohol

Open Group for Punjabi Men: Our Relationship with Alcohol
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Taraki
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: December 8, 2021 (21:00)
End Date: December 8, 2021 (22:30 EET)
Cost: Free
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Chai in the City is a virtual open group for Punjabi men which promotes inclusive, open, and honest conversation on challenging subjects.

This is a forum for those who identify as Punjabi men to engage in a discussion with others around a particular topic, to listen, learn, and share. We welcome Punjabis from all faith backgrounds – Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, other faiths, spiritualities, and those who practice no faith or are agonistic.

This month our Chai in the City forum will focus on Our Relationship with Alcohol

This session is for those who consume as well as those who don’t consume alcohol, it will involve reflection about how Punjabi communities may relate to alcohol, the impact it may have made, and how we can tackle some of these challenges.

Who is this for?

This event is for all cis and trans men, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of men who identify as Punjabi – of all faiths or indeed no faith. It’s an open and safe virtual space for those who want to share their thoughts or simply listen and connect.

What to expect?

Each month we will focus on a particular topic of importance and relevance. We provide a safe virtual space to either listen or share.

Our format usually involves:

– Introductions and Group Responsibilities

– Short Breathing Meditation

– Breakout Room Discussion

– Large Group Discussion

– Group Feedback and Ending

Thoughts can be shared, questions asked, or you can simply listen – there is no obligation to share your experiences, should you choose not to. Anonymous feedback is always encouraged at the end of the session, so we can continuously improve the group sessions.

instructions

The meeting will be held via Zoom and sign-in instructions will be emailed in advance of the session.

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