Proofs of Prophethood

Proofs of Prophethood
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Start Date: May 11, 2024 (10:00pm)
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DIYANET CENTER OF AMERICA – Lanham – Maryland – United States

They Are MORE Than Stories…

How do we know what he ﷺ came with was true?

How do you know those stories in the Quran are more than myths and legends?

Are the prophets really relevant to you in this day and age?

Let’s explore these questions together:

Proofs of Prophethood: Belief in The Messengers

A brand new in-person seminar with Shaykh Mohammad Elshinawy

How Do You Know
God Sent Them?

We’re told our whole lives, “Obey Allah and Obey The Messenger”

We were always taught that he ﷺ is the best example, the greatest of creation…

But then you go to college, work, environments where your faith is put to the test, and the questions start piling in:

“I heard your Prophet said this…”

“I heard your religion says that…”

“How do you know Muhammad didn’t write the Quran?”

Even if you ignore it, Shaytan will let those whispers linger and stir doubt…

So how do you prove to yourself that all of it is true, and that the one who brought it to you was really sent by your Creator?

That’s what we’re exploring in this brand new seminar with Shaykh Mohammed Elshinawy

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