Proofs of Prophethood

Proofs of Prophethood
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Start Date: January 13, 2024 (10:00am)
End Date: January 13, 2024 (7:00pm)
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NYU – New York – New York – United States

They Are MORE Than Stories…

How do we know what he ﷺ came with was true?

How do you know those stories in the Quran are more than myths and legends?

Are the prophets really relevant to you in this day and age?

Let’s explore these questions together:

Proofs of Prophethood: Belief in The Messengers

A brand new in-person seminar with Shaykh Mohammad Elshinawy

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How Do You Know
God Sent Them?

We’re told our whole lives, “Obey Allah and Obey The Messenger”

We were always taught that he ﷺ is the best example, the greatest of creation…

But then you go to college, work, environments where your faith is put to the test, and the questions start piling in:

“I heard your Prophet said this…”

“I heard your religion says that…”

“How do you know Muhammad didn’t write the Quran?”

Even if you ignore it, Shaytan will let those whispers linger and stir doubt…

So how do you prove to yourself that all of it is true, and that the one who brought it to you was really sent by your Creator?

That’s what we’re exploring in this brand new seminar with Shaykh Mohammed Elshinawy


The Simple Formula
To Curing Doubt

People will throw a million question at you about Islam and the Prophet ﷺ

And let’s face it, you won’t always have an answer

The good news is you don’t need to!

Because truth will always speak for itself, and the best way to combat doubt about the Prophet ﷺ is to know him.

So let us reintroduce you to Muhammad ﷺ , and all the messengers of Allah:

This Course Takes You Through

  • Why humanity needs  prophets
  • Belief in the prophets of Islam
  • The unmatched character of Muhammad ﷺ
  • His physical miracles
  • The message of Islam
  • The timeless miracle of the Quran
  • Prophecies that have already come true


“The Resource I wish I Had When I Was Looking For Answers”

The Simple Formula
To Curing Doubt

Shaykh Mohammad Elshinawy is the newest member of the AlMaghrib family, whose dedicated years to this subject.

This class comes from a deep and personal search for truth, as he sought answers in his own youth about Islam, as he says himself:

“The story behind this course is the story of why I’m Muslim today…”

A graduate of Brooklyn College and Mishkah University, having also studied at the college of hadith in the University of Madinah.

A translator and author of multiple beneficial works concerning matters of the heart, Prophetic character, reflecting upon the Qur’an, and more, Shaykh Mohammad’s teaching style makes high academic concepts accessible to the everyday Muslim, whilst infusing it with his own deep spiritual insights.

238 Thompson Street Lecture Hall C-95
New York , New York 10012 United States
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