Raising Children in Islam – Onsite and Online

Raising Children in Islam – Onsite and Online
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Cape Town Muslim Events
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: January 27, 2022 (7:30pm)
End Date: January 27, 2022 (9:00pm (Break for Salah))
Cost: 480.00 ZAR = 30.41 USD
Website: https://allevents.in/cape%20town/raising-children-in-islam-onsite-and-online/200021870518842
Cape Town Muslim Events – Lansdowne – United States
Raising Children in Islam

Thursdays for 8 weeks
Starting 27th January 2022
Ends 17th March 2022
7.30pm to 9pm (Break for Salah)

This course is available Online and Onsite

“He gifts to whom He wills female [children], and He gifts to whom He wills males.” [al-Shura: 49]

Children, no doubt, are a Blessing of Allah SWT. From the time a baby is conceived, we start planning ahead for its future, and the joy that comes with its arrival has no bounds. The love for our child in our hearts is something so natural and it comes with no strings attached.

But we must remember that children are an Amanah (trust) from Allah SWT, and therefore, we have certain duties and responsibilities towards them, and Allah SWT, for He is The One who blessed us with them in the first place. Allah mentions wealth and children together, many a time in the Quran. Both wealth and children are a test to us, to test how we deal with this Blessing.

The course covers how to inculcate Islamic manners in children; how to provide them Islamic education; how to raise a child who loves Allah and the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him); how to protect children from negative influences; and how to discipline children when necessary. Taking this course will equip parents and carers with the tools necessary for raising righteous children in today’s age. In sha Allah

Particular focus will be given to the development of young Muslims in the areas of:

Creed and Worship
Social Interaction
Character Building
Emotional Stability
Physical Training
Health Maintenance
Intellectual Advancement
Chastity and interaction with the opposite gender


Moulana Muaadth Allie is the Director and founder of The Sakinah Foundation, Co-Imam at the Castle Town Road Masjid, Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN). Marriage counsellor, Cape Town Muslim Events and The Knowledge Zone resident lecturer, Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual adviser. Teaching since 1998

Onsite: The Knowledge Zone – 541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne

Online: Zoom Webinar
Investment (per person) Fee includes:

Access to all 8 sessions
Notes will be sent via Email or Whatsapp
Onsite students will receive a printed copy of the notes and a students pack

Once Off Fee – R480.00 per person or per device

NB! Limited seats per class. Works on a 1st payment basis.

No swops and later changes will be allowed.

More information and Bookings visit www.ctme.co.za

T&C’s Apply. COVID-19 Government regulations apply.

CTME Education Institute is not funded, all course fees used are to cover the running costs of our online and onsite establishments. Your attendance at these courses has many benefits of not only your personal development as a human but you’re assisting in the development of others by enabling Islamic Scholarship to remain relevant and a positive force in our world. Alhamdulilah

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