Real Talk: Counseling

Real Talk: Counseling
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Organizing Institution: Muslim Women's Organization
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Start Date: April 30, 2023 (7:00pm)
End Date: April 30, 2023 (8:00pm)
Muslim Women's Organization – ORLANDO – Florida – United States

According to the American Counseling Association, professional counselors help people identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil. They work to help people improve their communication and coping skills and strengthen their self-esteem. They also promote behavior changes and encourage optimal mental health.

The Institute for Muslim Mental Health describes Mental Health as:

  • Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health affects the way we think, feel, and act along with how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

  • More than emotional problems. Mental health includes couples having difficulty getting along; parents and kids having trouble seeing eye to eye; or a person who is underperforming at school or work.

  • Can be caused by biological factors, life experiences, or family history.

Sometimes, in the Muslim Community, and the community at large, people feel embarrassed or afraid to admit they have a problem and seek help. Many Muslims see mental health challenges as “tests” or signs that they are not “religious enough.” But it’s important to remember that Islam does not require us to be superhuman. If someone experiences negative feelings, they are encouraged to resist them and seek professional help when needed.

Join us to learn more about the Islamic Perspective on counseling, and what resources are available in our area Amany Shalaby, our Hakima (Wise Woman and Chaplain) at this Facebook Live event.

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