Rethinking Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Rethinking Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Cape Town Muslim Events
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: February 5, 2022 (9:30am)
End Date: February 26, 2022 (11:00am GMT+2)
Cost: R250.00
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You are not alone. So many people try and seek help but are quickly told, “a believer can never be depressed” or “anxiety is from Shaytaan” and continue spiraling down a darker hole. We want to debunk these myths because these feelings are created by Allah Almighty and Allah, The Most Compassionate will never give us difficulties without ease.

Regain control of your moods and your life

In this course, you’ll learn a new way to think about anxiety, stress, and depression through the guidance of the Quran.

The Aim of This Course:
  • Understand anxiety, stress, and depression as mentioned by Allah, Almighty in the Quran
  • Reclaiming our spark to achieve your goals
  • Finding peace in an unknown future (Eliminating obsessive, negative thoughts of the future)
  • Shifting our perspective of death/dying
  • Rediscover the purpose of life
  • Techniques for self-acceptance


This course has been very worth my time and duration.
The course content was very interesting.
I found the content to be extremely valuable and tools were given to overcome the challenges we face in our lives. Alhumdulilah.
I’m currently with a Psychologist and getting the Quranic Guidance I found highly beneficial…

Moulana Waasief Devries: Graduate of Darul Ulum Arabiyah Strand,  Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual advisor & lecturer.

Classroom Venue:
  • Zoom Webinar
Investment (per device) R250.00

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