Sab’ah Qiraa’aat Khatam

Sab’ah Qiraa’aat Khatam
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: As-Suffa
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: February 24, 2024 (6:00pm)
End Date: February 24, 2024
Cost: Free
As-Suffa Institute, – Aston – United Kingdom

As-Suffa is pleased to announce our inaugural Khatmul Quran of the seven Qiraa’aats.

Saturday 24th February 2024 (6pm onwards)

In the presence of Moulana Qari Yusuf Darwan Saheb.

The Arabic language is rich and diverse with various dialects. The Holy Quran was revealed in a way that was easy for these communities to grasp and understand. Through this, seven modes of Quranic pronunciation (Ahruf) have been preserved and remain with us in modern times through mutawaatir (high level) transmission. Amongst these, three via mashur (famous) transmission.

Join us at this special event where all seven mutawaatir qiraa’aats will be presented. Your time will be well spent in an evening immersed in listening to the beautiful words of Allah.

The Sab’ah completion and graduation ceremony will also be held so don’t miss out on this unique event!

As-Suffa Institute,
156 High Street
Aston , Birmingham B6 4UX United Kingdom
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