Sacred Path of Love: Revival of the Heart

Sacred Path of Love: Revival of the Heart
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Sout Ilaahi Group
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: November 19, 2022 (9:00am)
End Date: November 20, 2022 (1:00pm Singapore Time)
Cost: $37 – $91.41
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The Sacred Path of Love retreat is an annual retreat organized by Sout Ilaahi Group that aims to connect Muslims and non-Muslims in Singapore with traditional Islamic scholars who are well-versed both in traditional Islamic sciences and contemporary social issues such as depression, stress management, loneliness, and anxiety. This year’s theme is “Revival of the Heart“. The modern lifestyles that we have adopted today are not without their perils: most importantly, the neglect of one’s emotional and spiritual needs. Often, when we are at our most broken, we end up running away from our problems or allowing ourselves to be swallowed up by resentment, despair, and anger. It is our hope and aspiration that each Sacred Path of Love retreat serves as a bridge between society and the healing warmth of Divine Love and Light.

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