Scriptural Reasoning: Interfaith Perspectives on Healing

Scriptural Reasoning: Interfaith Perspectives on Healing
Contributed By: events coordinator
Organizing Institution: Church of Ireland Interfaith Working Group
Contact email: [email protected]
Start Date: June 7, 2022 (21:00)
End Date: June 7, 2022 (22:35 +03)
Cost: Free
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The scriptural Reasoning session focused on the theme of ‘Healing’ as understood in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scripture.

Scriptural Reasoning is a form of reading, listening to, and reflecting on scripture from different religious traditions addressing a selected theme. For this event, in anticipation of Refugee Week 2022, we have selected the theme ‘Healing’. Contributors for this event will come from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. Our three contributors for this event are:

  • Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri, Chair of Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council and Chief Imam of the Islamic Centre Ireland
  • Dr Iva Beranek, Ministry Facilitator, Church’s Ministry of Healing – Ireland
  • Rev David Kale, Leader, Belfast Jewish Community

As part of the session, each contributor will be invited to give a brief introduction and reflection on their selected passage of scripture on the theme of ‘Healing’. These introductions are intended to provide context to help other participants from different traditions who may not be familiar with the passage to enter into dialogue with the text. After all three contributors have spoken, we will gather in smaller breakout rooms to discuss the three texts presented, giving equal time to each text. After the breakout rooms, we will re-gather in the main session for a short summing up and sharing from the different groups.

NB: Tickets for this event are divided into different faith groups. The purpose of this is not to exclude or limit participation, but rather to ensure that some diversity of representation will be possible across the discussion groups.

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