Shah Waliullah’s Hujjatullah al-Baligha Intensive

Shah Waliullah’s Hujjatullah al-Baligha Intensive
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Organizing Institution: American Islamic College
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Start Date: February 13, 2022 (10:00am)
End Date: February 13, 2022 (5:00pm +03)
Cost: $30 - $50
American Islamic College – Chicago – Illinois – United States

Since the fall of the Moghuls in India, one of the most important and influential Muslim scholars in the Islamic revival in India was Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi (rh) whose work continues to influence most Muslim groups and schools of thought, like Deobandi, Ahle-Hadith, Barelwi, Jamaat-Islami, Shias, and others. His magnum opus was the Hujjatullahil Baliga, a two-volume Arabic manuscript covering the principles of Islamic revival, which is more pertinent today.

This course will cover a Brief overview of Shah Waliullah’s life; Establishment of hadith scholarship in India, Shah Waliullah’s role as a reformer, Shah Waliullah’s writings, Hujjatullah al-Balighah: an exposition of the rationale of Shari`ah and an intellectual interpretation of hadith, comparison of this work with earlier writings on the subject, Irtifaq (sociability) and Siyasat al-Madinah (issues related to the civil society), the concept of sa`adah (the success), creeds and devotion, comprehensive prophethood, ways and method of discussing the meanings of hadith, and Shah Waliullah’s legacy.

PricingStudents: $30

General Admission: $50
Livestream: $40

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