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Organizing Institution: As-Suffa
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Start Date: March 12, 2022 (10:00am GMT)
End Date: March 12, 2022 (4:00pm GMT)
Cost: £15.00
As-Suffa Institute – United Kingdom

This is a course on the essential rulings of menstruation, post-natal bleeding, and abnormal bleeding.

The course will also provide details of correct washing and hygiene as well as how to record and calculate one’s periods of menses and purity with worked examples. This is essential knowledge for every Muslim woman.

The rulings of menstruation affect many aspects of our daily ritual worship, and many sisters struggle with confusing and irregular menstrual cycles. Menstruation is also a topic that is sometimes seen as taboo or misunderstood. It is imperative that each Muslim woman strives to attain this knowledge such that she is able to complete her worship soundly.

Why Attend this course?
– This is essential knowledge for all sisters, young and old.

Who is this course for?
– Sisters who wish to understand the basic rulings of menstruation such that they are able to understand and begin to apply these rulings in their daily life

You will be learning:
– Permissible and impermissible actions during menses and post-natal bleeding
– Key terminology to understand types of purity, impurity, abnormal bleeding, and discharge and how they are calculated
– When and how to take the ritual bath
– Pregnancy and childbirth
– Practical examples and the methods used to work out the days of your menstruation in the event of changes to your regular pattern.

As-Suffa Institute
156 High Street
, Birmingham B6 4UX United Kingdom
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