The Art of Forgiveness

The Art of Forgiveness
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Organizing Institution: Wiselife Academy
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Start Date: May 18, 2024 (10:00)
End Date: May 18, 2024 (17:00 BST)
Cost: £25
Regent's University London – London – United Kingdom

Unlock Inner Peace: The Art of Forgiveness Seminar

Discover the transformative power of forgiveness in our exclusive seminar, “The Art of Forgiveness.” Learn mindsets and methodologies to release grudges and embrace inner peace.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Forgiveness Mindsets: Explore strategies to let go of resentment and cultivate a forgiving heart.
  • Benefits of Forgiveness: Discover how forgiveness reduces stress, enhances relationships, and promotes emotional well-being.
  • Practical Techniques: Learn actionable steps to forgive others and experience freedom from past hurts.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced trainers specialize in coaching emotional intelligence and fostering personal growth.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is perfect for Muslim professionals seeking to cultivate forgiveness and deepen their emotional intelligence. Whether you’re struggling to let go of past grievances or simply seeking greater peace and harmony in your relationships, this seminar is for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of healing and liberation. Limited seats available, reserve yours today!


Majid Hussain | Self-Development Instructor

Majid Hussain is a qualified barrister, teacher, mentor and tax director who specialises in Tax advisory at a reputable international accounting firm.

Majid has delivered a number of mental health awareness workshops across institutions across the UK and US namely, NYU, King’s College London, LSE and BDO.

On top of his demanding work Majid has studied for 7 years with those foremost in the fields of Islamic sciences in particular theology, fiqh and in depth biography of The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

Harun Dabbagh | Self-Development Instructor

Harun Asif is a self-development coach who has spent the last 5 years working with schools, academies and institutions teaching personal development from both the Islamic and secular traditions.

Having studied 7 years at an independent Islamic school he went on to complete his Theoretical Physics degree at King’s College London. He has completed further Islamic studies with various teachers, who are foremost in the topics of prophetic character, prophetic sayings (Hadith) and spirituality. He continues to study and is undertaking a practical course of prophetic self-development under the guidance of contemporary scholars.

Harun has worked at the Cabinet Office, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Google and currently works at Meta and specialises in marketing and technology.

Harun is a qualified mental health first aider and has conducted a number of mental health awareness sessions at KCL and LSE.

Regent's University London
Inner Circle
London , NW1 4NS United Kingdom
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