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Start Date: July 30, 2023 (7:45pm)
End Date: July 30, 2023 (9:00pm)
Cost: R350.00
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Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And from the evil of the envier when he envies.” [113:5] And the Prophet ﷺ said: “The evil eye is real and if anything were to overtake the divine decree, it would be the evil eye. When you are asked to take a bath (to provide a cure) from the influence of the evil eye, you should take a bath.” (Muslim)

In order to safeguard oneself against the malevolent jinn and humans influenced by evil intentions, Muslims are required to maintain strong faith in Allah, place their trust in Him, and seek refuge with Him. This course aims to provide insights into the rulings and causes of the Evil Eye, and most importantly, it focuses on how to protect oneself according to the teachings of the Sunnah.

By joining this course, you will discover the answers to the following questions:

  1. Can a husband or parents inadvertently cast the Evil Eye upon their spouse or children?
  2. What should be done when the source of the Evil Eye is known?
  3. To what extent should we attribute illnesses or harm to the Evil Eye?
  4. Is saying “MashaAllah” the only remedy, or are there other actions to take?
  5. Can amulets or similar objects protect us from the effects of the Evil Eye?
  6. Are there any symptoms of the Evil Eye mentioned in Shariah?
  7. How can we protect our children from the Evil Eye?

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Causes of the Evil Eye
  2. Methods for self-protection
  3. Symptoms and cures associated with the Evil Eye
  4. Tips for individuals affected by the Evil Eye
  5. Prohibited practices, innovations, and misconceptions related to dealing with the Evil Eye
  6. Balancing reliance on Allah (Tawakkul) and taking practical measures
  7. Frequently Asked Questions about the Evil Eye

By participating in this course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about the Evil Eye and learn practical ways to protect yourself and your loved ones in accordance with Islamic teachings. In sha Allah

Instructor: Mualima Zaitoon Ebrahim

Born and raised in Cape Town, Zaitoon Ebrahim is a motivational speaker, artist, mom of 2 boys, and author. She obtained bachelor’s degree in Islamic Theology at Islamic College of Southern Africa and started her career as an Islamic studies educator at Madrassatul Quds. During this time, she managed youth events with an NGO, facilitating events, camps, and leadership training for adults and youth. Being involved with the youth, she also co-presented on radio Voice of the Cape for one year on the show, ‘For Young Individuals. The key focus of this programme was to educate young individuals about entrepreneurship and personal growth.

In addition to this, she obtained a Diploma in Project Management, a diploma in Didactics, and certification in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Therapeutic Art Coaching.

Date and Time:

Sundays for 6 weeks
Starting 30th July 2023
7.45 pm to 9 pm

Investment: (per device)

Fee: R350.00 once off for the full course

All course material and course slides included


  • Zoom Meeting Live
  • Sessions are also recorded

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