The Great Hanafi Jurist: Muhammed Al-Shaybani | Lecture by Dr Ahmad Atif Ah

The Great Hanafi Jurist: Muhammed Al-Shaybani | Lecture by Dr Ahmad Atif Ah
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Start Date: May 21, 2022 (22:00 +03)
End Date: May 21, 2022
Cost: Free
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Lecture by Dr Ahmad Atif Ahmad: Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California

Individualism, nationalism, and globalism compete for each living soul today. Muslims are not alone in this. In the west, Muslims may have their own issues, but they share much with their non-Muslim neighbours. The surprise that came out of a new reading of a 12-century old text is that it could speak to us, as if it were written by a contemporary.

When we invite Shaybani (d. 805 CE) to our evening, we know that he lived twelve hundred years ago, but he left us with questions and the beginnings of answers to many of our questions today. Topics discussed:

  1. consent in marriage and business,
  2. travels across borders,
  3. the challenges of person-community relations.

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Prof Ahmad Atif Ahmad has been in love with law and legal epistemology for a long time. The questions of what law is, what it is for, where its legitimacy comes from, how it could be known, and how it evolves over time. He has a Ph.D. from Harvard and his research and teaching focuses on medieval Islamic law and modern Egyptian law. He believes Law and religion in the Islamic tradition are hard to separate. legal activities from establishing religion. Being in his current department has exposed him to an array of views on

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