The Qur’an and Modern Science

The Qur’an and Modern Science
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Organizing Institution: Muslim Litfest Birmingham
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Start Date: November 5, 2023 (3:00pm)
End Date: November 5, 2023 (4:00pm)
Cost: Free
Birmingham City University – Birmingham – United Kingdom

Join Dr. Basil Altaie, a distinguished scholar in Quantum Cosmology, for a lecture exploring the profound relationship between the Qur’an, science, and faith. His book, “The Divine Word and The Grand Design,” introduces a groundbreaking approach, subjecting Qur’anic verses to linguistic and scientific analysis using established scientific facts and authentic Arabic lexicons. This lecture delves into contentious issues like evolution and the Big Bang, revealing how the Qur’an aligns with scientific insights.

Dr. Altaie’s work demonstrates the harmony between science and faith, confirming the Qur’an’s authenticity. It answers whether an ‘Islamic’ perspective can coexist with natural science and how they strengthen each other.


Dr. Basil Altaie, a renowned Quantum Cosmologist and a visiting professor at Leeds University, holds a PhD from Manchester University and is known for his extensive publications in respected journals and his expertise in Islamic Kalām., brings over 40 years of research experience in Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity. His work, published in respected journals, is complemented by his teaching and supervision. Dr. Altaie’s insights extend to Islamic Kalām, expressed in his book “Daqīq al-Kalām,” and his lectures have been hosted by universities worldwide. Join us for a captivating exploration of science, spirituality, and the Qur’an with Dr. Basil Altaie.


Birmingham City University
4 Cardigan St
Birmingham , B4 7BD United Kingdom
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