The Salah Series with Ustadha Rumaysah

The Salah Series with Ustadha Rumaysah
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Organizing Institution: My Mosque Story
Start Date: January 20, 2022 (21:30 +03)
End Date: February 10, 2022 (22:30 +03)
Cost: £12.99
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The Salah Series with Ustadha Rumaysah is a four-part series to help Muslim women connect with their daily prayers.

Salah is an Arabic word that means ‘to pray. It refers to the second pillar of Islam – the five, daily obligatory prayers.

Dates and times:

  • Thursday 20 January: 18:30-19:30 GMT
  • Thursday 27 January: 18:30-19:30 GMT
  • Thursday 3 February: 18:30-19:30 GMT
  • Thursday 10 February: 18:30-19:30 GMT

This series will cover the following:

Why do we pray?

A session looking at our perspective on our salah. How do we prioritize our prayers? Why do we pray? How can we use our prayers to improve our lives?

How do we concentrate on salah?

Sharing tips to improve the focus and quality of our prayers.

How do we love salah?

How can we nurture a love for our prayer? When and where is the best place to pray? How do we pray?

What are we reciting?

Delving into the translations of some of the keywords used in prayer, and reflecting on these words.

More information:

The Salah Series will take place via Zoom and is a women-only event.

There will be space for Q&A at the end of each session. Please note that sessions will not be recorded to create a safe space for all attendees.

Limited spaces are available.

About Ustadha Rumaysa:

Ustadha Rumaysa is a qualified teacher with ijaazaat in hadith.

With experience teaching Islamic Sciences for over 10 years, she completed her Masters’s in Islamic education and subsequently worked on developing curriculums for Islamic institutions.

She also has a degree in Biochemistry and a PGCE, having taught science for a number of years. She is a book lover and writer, contributing articles on a range of topics, and is particularly passionate about the female scholarship.

She is a member of the Shariah panel in Manchester and works with Muslim women in the community on a range of different issues.

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