The Seerah Course

The Seerah Course
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Organizing Institution: HTB
Start Date: August 20, 2023 (13:00 EEST)
End Date: August 20, 2023
Cost: £8.00
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In this 8-part programme, Mufti Mohammed Ali will lead us through the Prophetic Seerah. The interactive and stimulating online sessions will provide a grounding in the message, mission and movement that Rasool Allah (SAW) led to transform Arabian society. He will also draw parallel examples from the Seerah, that will allow us to take on challenges of carrying Islam in the modern world.

The Seerah of Rasool Allah (SAW) is one of the critical elements of the Islamic culture. As Ali b. Husain b. Ali (may Allah (SWT) be please with them all) stated, “We used to teach the Maghazi (Seerah) of the Prophet (SAW) as we used to teach the Qur’an.”


Biography of Mufti Mohammed Ali

Mufti Mohammed has completed a Masters with merit in Islamic Studies. He has been awarded a certificate of Iftaa (providing Islamic legal rulings).

His Masters included a thesis on Majaz Al-Qur’an (metaphorical language used in the Quran) and the translation of a chapter from Imam Sarakhsi’s work, Usool Al-Sarakhsi.

Mufti Mohammed has studied numerous Islamic sciences in the Middle East and India including Arabic, Aqeedah, Usool ul-Fiqh, Fiqh and other Islamic sciences. He has been teaching the Islamic Sciences to students in the UK for over 15 years.

Mufti Mohammed has been involved in the dawah according to the methodology of the Prophet ﷺ as expounded in the Seerah for 23 years.


Course Outline

Week 1-Introduction & Arabia Before Revelation and the Status of Rasool Allah (SAW) in Makkah

What was Makkan society like? What were the practises happening in Makkah and who was benefitting? What was the character of the Prophet (saw) and his (saw) standing in Makkah before Prophethood?

Week 2-Commencement of the Revelation

What were the first verses to be revealed and the relevance of them? How was the initial reaction of the Prophet (saw) and the Quraysh to the revelation? How did the Prophet (saw) carry the message to the Makkan society?

Week 3-The Response of the Quraysh to the Dawah

What was the reaction of the Quraysh to the message and how did that change over time? Why were the Quraysh hostile to the Prophet (saw) and the message?

Week 4-Seeking Nusra (Support) for the Dawah

What is Nusrah and what does it mean to seek Nusrah for Islam? How did the Prophet (saw) seek Nusrah for his (saw) message and why were the Quraysh worried about this?

Week 5-Hijra to Medina

Why did the Prophet (saw) make Hijra and what are some of the misconceptions around the Hijra? What is the significance of the Prophet’s (saw) arrival to Medina?

Week 6-Battles of Badr and Uhud

What led to the battles of Badr and Uhud? What are the lessons for the Muslims from both these battles?

Week 7-Battle of Kandaq and the Treaty of Hudaybiyah

What led to the battle of Kandaq and how the enemies of Islam defeated? What were the events leading to the treaty of Hudaybiyah and why it was the day Makkah was conquered? How did the Prophet (saw) treat the enemies of Islam?

Week 8-Battle of Tabuk and the Completion of Rasool Allah’s (SAW) Mission

Why did the Prophet (saw) send out an army to Tabuk? What is the significance of the last sermon and how the Prophet (saw) fulfilled his (saw) mission? How did the Sahabah (ra) continue and carry the Prophet’s (saw) legacy?

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