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Start Date: February 8, 2024 (9:15pm)
End Date: February 9, 2024 (12:20pm EST)
Cost: Free
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Thursday, February 8, 2024

9:15am-11:00am EST Opening Remarks and Panel 1: Unpacking Muslim Identity

Farzin Shargh, “Salience of Muslim Identity in Political Decision Making”

Asmaa Benbaba & Ahmad Sobhy Mustafa, “Understanding Identity among American Muslims of Kansas City”

Rebecca Karam, “Uncertain Safety: Religious Racial Socialization Process among Muslim American Families”

Diana Jue-Rajasingh, Yun Ha Cho, & Reuben Hurst, “Managing Marginalized Entrepreneurial Identity for the Creation of

New Markets: Evidence from Muslim American Entrepreneurs”

Shyam K. Sriram, Aubrey Westfall, & Maddie Sontag, “A Test of Privilege: White Converts to Islam and Intra-Community



11:10am-12:25pm EST Panel 2: The Lives of Immigrant Origin Muslims

Sahar Khamis, “The Digitalization of American-Muslim Voices: Political, Social, and Religious Implications”

Hasan Shahid, “Looking to the South: The Importance of Comparing Muslims in the US and Latin America”

Samah Choudhury, “Break the Internet: The Makings of a Masculine Muslim Body with Kumail Nanjiani”

Anika Kabani, “National Security, Legal Fictions, and Discretionary Border Authority: The Challenges of Asylum Seeking

Muslims in the US”


1:00pm-2:15pm EST Panel 3: Discrimination and Islamophobia

Amin Asfari, “Islam and Islamophobia behind Bars”

Saher Selod, “Flying While Muslim & Driving While Black: Policing & Surveillance of Muslims in the Global War on Terror”

Lina Saud, “Depictions on Islamophobia and Tolerance for Harmful Policies”

Muniba Saleem, “Social, Psychological, and Political Consequences of Islamophobia for Muslim Americans”


2:25pm-3:40pm EST Panel 4: US Muslim Political Behavior

Youssef Chouhoud, “Doctrinal Compartmentalization: American Muslim Beliefs Towards LGBTQ Rights”

Shafiqa Ahmadi, Darnell Cole, Mabel Hernandez, & Milie Majumder, “Engaging in Activism: Muslim College Students’

Perspectives on Engaging in Campus Politics”

Ayse Busra Topal, “Islamophobia and Emotional Reactions: Comparison of American and French Muslims”

Aubrey Westfall, “Social and Political Characteristics of American Mosques”


3:50pm-5:05pm EST Panel 5: Religiosity and American Muslims

Emad Hamdeh, “Navigating Identity and Values: The Fiqh of Minorities among American Muslims”

Samaneh Oladi, “From Margins to Mainstream: Muslim Women’s Impact on American Civic and Religious Landscapes”

Ashar Malik & Eman Abdelhadi, “The Role of Abstention in Muslim Religiosity”

Arbazz Nizami, “American Muslim Millenials Finding Purpose at Work”


Friday, February 9, 2024

9:20am-10:45am EST Welcoming Remarks and Panel 6: Racial Muslims

Zahra Somani, “The Impact of Gender Role Expectations on South Asian Women”

Eden Melles, “Exploring Differences in Religious Mobilization: The Case of Black Muslims and Black Christians in the US”

Nura Sediqe, “Between Blackness and Islam: Black Muslims’ Motivation in Politics”

Katherine Merriman, “Revising American Muslim History from Personal and Communal Archives: A Case Study of the

Aisha H. L. Al-Adawiya and Women in Islam, Inc. Collection”


10:55am-12:20pm EST Panel 7: Sampling and Studying Muslims and Closing Remarks

Harun Rasiah, “Beyond Borders: Decolonizing Approaches to the Study of Muslims in the Americas”

Nazita Lajevardi & Karam Dana, “Introducing the CMPS 2020 MENA/Muslim Sample”

Ayse Perihan Kirkic, “Officially White: Racial Ambiguities of New Muslim Immigrants from the Middle East and N. Africa”

Besheer Mohamed, “Brass Tacks: Surveying Muslim Americans on a Budget”

Organized by the Muslim Studies Program and cosponsored by the African Studies Center, Asian Pacific American Studies, Asian Studies

Center, Department of Political Science, Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities, International Studies Program (Diversity, Equity, and

Inclusion), James Madison College, and Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

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