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Start Date: January 28, 2024 (1:00pm)
End Date: March 17, 2024 (2:30pm EST)
Cost: $15.00 - $45.00
– California – United States


BME Girl Talk is excited to share its first-ever course for Winter 2024. The “Beloved Gifts” offers enriched perspectives on how the Quran and Sunnah establish the gifts of optimism, community solidarity, and Ramadan spiritual preservation as Muslim women.

For ages 10 to 16 years old

There are two options offered for the winter courses this new year!

COURSE A – 3 hour speaker Series


COURSE B – 3 Hour Speaker Series + 3 Hour Intimate Coaching Sessions

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Each month, our exclusive speakers will address the following topics:



????️Sunday, 28 January 2024

⏰1 pm EST/ 11 am MST/ 10 am PST

????️Dr Mona Rahman

TOPIC: The Gift of Optimism: Positivity in Despair

In seeking out ways to inspire optimism within our communities during times of hardship, we warmly invite you to join in on discussions about:

1. How our exemplary role models in the Seerah and Islamic History inspired their communities to rise above fitna.

2. How sustaining optimism during despair deepens our optimism and trust in Allah SWT.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Mona Rahman is the Research Awards Officer in the Vice Principal Research Portfolio at Queen’s University and a lifelong member of the Islamic Society of Kingston (ISK), for which she is involved in the Islamic Information and Outreach Committee and the Education Committee. She served as inaugural interim Co-Chair of UCARE (University Committee for Anti-Racism and Equity) at Queen’s.

Mona was born and raised in Kingston; some might say she was also born and raised at Queen’s University as she was born while her father was in the midst of graduate studies. She followed in his footsteps by studying at Queen’s as well, completing a BSc (Hon) degree in Biochemistry for which she garnered the Governor-General’s Silver Medal, the Prince of Wales Prize and the Medal in Biochemistry. In third year, she was one of ten Canadian third year biochemistry and chemistry students in Canada to be granted the Merck Frosst Medal. After her undergraduate degree she went directly into the PhD program in Biochemistry which she defended in 2001. After a post-doctoral fellowship in Vascular Biology at the Robarts Research Institute (London, ON) she returned to Kingston where she worked in a multidisciplinary research group in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Science at Queen’s before transitioning to the Vice-Principal Research Portfolio in 2017.

Mona works with both children and youth in the Muslim community, as the Coordinator of the Muslim Children’s Circle and a teacher at the ISK Evening & Weekend school. Mona makes regular presentations on Islam, Muslims, and relevant topics to various audiences (i.e., schools, on campus, etc.). She is Co-Chair for the Give30 Campaign in Kingston, which aims to raise money for local Food Banks during Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. She also serves on the Board for Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (FACSFLA) and is Co-Chair of the Community Equity Advisory Committee of the Limestone District School Board.

In addition to her scientific publications, she has contributed a chapter entitled “Activism: A Part of Life” in a collection of essays entitled: “Muslim Women Activists in North America: Speaking for Ourselves” edited by fellow Queen’s alumna, Dr. Katherine Bullock. Most importantly, she is the mother of two teenage boys whom she labels as “Barbangali”, descended from grandparents who came from Barbados and Bangladesh, respectively.



????️Sunday, 25 February 2024

⏰1 pm EST/ 11 am MST/ 10 am PST

????️Dr Farah Islam

TOPIC: The Gift of Community: the Ansaar Project

Taking a deep dive into the generosity of the Ansaar, this Girl Talk will address the following themes:

1. What are some examples of the selflessness and kindness the Ansaar displayed towards their Muhaajir bretheren?

2. What are some challenges Muslim immigrants and refugees face in Canada?

3. How can we as a Muslim community draw upon the shining example of the Ansaar and provide a safe haven for our brothers and sisters as they rebuild their lives in Canada?

About the Speaker:

Dr. Farah Islam is a mental health advocate, educator, and researcher. She explores mental health and service access in Canada’s racialized and immigrant populations using mixed methods research and orients her research and community work around breaking down the barriers of mental health stigma. Dr. Farah has served as the Co-Director of Psychospiritual Studies at Yaqeen and currently sits on the board of Yaqeen Canada. She is a student in the Scholar of Islamic Sciences ‘alimiyyah program at Mathabah Institute. Dr. Farah has taught courses in Muslim mental health at the University of Toronto, Islamic Online University, and the Islamic Institute of Toronto and currently serves on the advisory committee for Nisa Homes, Ruh Care, and ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services.



????️Sunday, 17 March, 2024

⏰1 pm EST/ 11 am MST/ 10 am PST

????️Sr Noureen Tilly

TOPIC: The gift of Ramadan: Self-care and Spiritual Preservation

This Girl Talk will walk you through how we can accumulate Ramadan rewards throughout all phases of our menstrual cycle, by addressing questions like:

1. How can we enter Ramadan with a plan to earn hasanat in every moment?

2. What are the virtues of the special duas for each ashara (10 days) of Ramadan?

3. How is the term taharah (purity) established in Islam and what are the legal rulings surrounding menstruation?

About the Speaker:

Noureen Tilly Khan was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She is an Islamic educator, Chaplain, speaker, and a certified life and health coach. At present, she is the Academic Director of the Noor Quran Academy founded by her in 2007, an instructor with the Women & Faith organization and a chaplain at the University of Calgary. She obtained her degree in higher Arabic and Islamic studies from The Al-MADANIA Islamic Seminary in Buffalo, New York where she graduated with distinction in 2001.

She continues to serve various communities across Canada and has a keen interest in building community, inspiring positive change and empowering people of all ages. Noureen enjoys skiing, swimming, biking, horseback riding and spending quality time with her family.

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